Message from The HF President: India Heritage Festival 2010

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India Heritage Festival 2010 Magazine
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Sunday, August 15, 2010


We of the Hindu community feel very privileged to be part of the Canadian society and to be able to share the riches of our great culture with all Canadians.

This India Heritage Festival is intended to highlight the different art forms of India and the Hindu Culture through a series of activities on stage and off stage with the hope that all will learn more about this Ancient and great culture.  The color, pomp and pageantry of India are boundless and this continues to fascinate the world and even the contemporary Indian.

Our objectives are to educate the Canadian public and update those who have roots in this culture but have been far removed because of their residence in Countries other than India and have not been exposed to the daily life of India. It is our hope to eliminate the misconceptions, break down barriers and build harmony.

On behalf of all the Hindu Community I welcome all to this event and invite you to share your experiences at this event with others so as to continue the education process so that all can understand and appreciate the Hindu way of life.

Pandit Roopnauth Sharma
President Hindu Federation