Scope & Approach


The scope of the Federation will extend to all Organizations that conforms to the criteria established in the by-laws of the Federation and will encompass all activities that will ensure the propagation and representation of the Hindu religion and Culture within Canada.


  • Follow a structured plan aimed at firmly establishing the Organization and subsequent similar plans to ensure its ongoing viability.
  • Seek out key individuals and institutions and gain their commitment to our cause.
  • Through a series of forums/seminars focused on topics relevant to the current day life of Hindus expound on the need for us to have one voice.
  • Present at all times/occasions the face and voice of a united community.
  • Ensure that the need of the community is given priority in all matters.
  • Develop and implement new ways to motivate our community to embrace our Religion and Culture.
  • Develop a team of  capable individuals who will serve as Ambassadors for the Federation and the Hindu cause.