History & Backgroud


The Hindu Federation was founded by Dr. B. Doobay in 1999 and held its first major function (Diwali Program) at the Air Canada Center in Toronto. The scope of the Hindu Federation extends to all Hindu Organizations across Canada and will encompass all activities that will ensure the propagation and representation of the Hindu Religion and Culture within Canada.


We the Hindus of Canada came from different geographical references, speaking many different languages and being exposed to many different cultural and traditional customs. We have accepted that our religion is Hinduism and our country is Canada and have made great strides in preserving our great heritage in this wonderful country.

Over the last two hundred years our people have migrated to many countries where we have prospered in all areas and made great contributions to those countries. In Canada, we have the privilege to create the environment and institutions where we can maintain our way of life and be close to our religious and cultural roots.

We have been very successful in creating places of worship where we have been able to practice our religion and provide an opportunity for the new generation of Hindus to develop an appreciation for our way of life. Our community is growing at a rapid rate and continues to make major inroads in the areas of Arts, Education, Business, Science, Finance and Technology. Equally we face the challenges of such growth and are faced with the realization that we cannot continue to exist as pockets of people doing well in our own temples and with our small individual groups.

We have reached a stage where we need to act as one on all fronts. It is the responsibility of all Hindu to become involved in their communities welfare, with the conviction that in the eyes of the rest of Canada we are all one (Hindus). We are referred to by the media and other public service entities as Hindus not as Guajarati, Punjabi, West Indian etc. We all bare the stigma of any individual as a collective group. As such we cannot continue to act in isolation to address issues that can only be resolved as a community working together. We have the opportunity to transform our community from one that exists merely with the knowledge that we are Hindus, to one that lives Hinduism and a community that will be seen by all as progressive and a major contributor to the Canadian Society.

Motivated by this need dedicated Hindus with a vision for the future have accepted the challenge. They have been working for the last few years to establish the necessary institutions that will serve as the foundation platform to propel our community to greater achievements socially, culturally and religiously. Driven by these fundamental needs the dedicated few have launched the ship of Hope and Unity with the first port being the Hindu Federation of Canada.